Available NOW for PC, Mac & Linux!

spaceBOUND has officially launched on Steam. Yup, it's out NOW!

Two astronauts have crash landed on an asteroid.
Their ship is ruined.

Bound by a shared oxygen tether, they head into an abandoned mining facility in search of help.

spaceBOUND is Brutally Challenging

Brutally Challenging

Solve motion and physics-based timing puzzles while overcoming terrifying obstacles. Solve, learn and adapt... or your astronauts won't survive.

spaceBOUND has co-op play

Solo and Co-op Play

Go in alone, or team up and face the unknown. But be warned: choose your friends wisely, because your astronaut’s survival will depend on them.

spaceBOUND is a retro style game

Retro Revisited

Designed with a retro 16-bit aesthetic and paired with absurd difficulty. spaceBOUND brings players back to a classic, unforgiving era of games.

Explore in spaceBOUND

Explore an abandoned mining facility. Solve puzzles. Survive.

spaceBOUND is the story of two astronauts, alone on an asteroid in an abandoned mining facility. They must work together to make it out alive. It's a puzzle game. It's a zero-gravity platformer. It's single-player or cooperative. It's really, really hard.

spaceBOUND unlock skins

Hidden collectables, achievements and unlockable skins.

Dispatch your astronauts into the deepest darkest corners of the mining facility. Search for hidden collectables, master over 37 different achievements, unlock a heap of playable skins, and die a whole bunch trying.

Time trial spaceBOUND game mode

Time Trial mode with online leaderboards.

Time Trial mode for the most experienced and masochistic players.
Revist your favourite levels, team up with local co-op, race against the clock, and take on the world with a competitive online leaderboard.