spaceBOUND Press Kit

Key Facts

Gravity Whale Games
Based in Orlando, Florida

Release Dates:
September 1st 2017 - PC
Early Access started 3rd Aug

PC - Windows, Mac, Linux

$9.99 / €8.99 / £7.99
Early Access price may differ

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spaceBOUND is a solo or cooperative puzzle-platformer. Players control two astronauts who must overcome deadly obstacles while solving motion/physics-based puzzles in a zero-gravity environment.

The catch? They share an oxygen tether. If one astronaut dies or the tether breaks, they both die. Combining brutal, unforgiving gameplay with retro 16-bit artwork and an atmospheric score, spaceBOUND brings players back to the era of classic puzzle and platform games and asks them to cooperate in ways few other games do.

Will players be able to solve and survive? Are the asteroid and mining facility truly abandoned? Find out in spaceBOUND.



  • A brutal puzzle-platformer designed to challenge players to the utmost limits of their abilities.
  • Solo or cooperative play (local co-op - max 2 players).
  • Hidden collectibles, unlockable character skins and a whole bunch of achievements.
  • Time Trial mode for the most experienced and masochistic players. Challenge your friends with a competitive online leaderboard.
  • Full controller support - Up to 2 controllers for local co-op play.
  • A steep difficulty curve that introduces new elements as you delve the mine's depths, forcing players to think quickly - or have their astronauts meet a grisly fate.
  • Five unique boss levels that put reflexes, skill, and cooperation to the ultimate test.
  • Beautiful 16-bit artwork and lighting effects, designed with a retro feel to evoke past eras of classic gaming.
  • Progressive levels that require players to learn, adapt, and solve multiple motion and timing puzzles in rapid succession.
  • Terrifying obstacles: asteroids; lasers of all sizes and speeds; gears and saws that pulverize anything they touch; electric ropes; laser-guided turrets; smashers; gravity beams; moving platforms and pipes; and many more gruesome ways to die.
  • An intense and atmospheric ambient score inspired by action and science fiction thrillers. Soundtrack available to purchase at launch.

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About Gravity Whale Games

Unofficially founded in a hot Orlando (Florida) garage during 2016, Gravity Whale Games is the creation of game designers Jeremy Boggs and Terrence Winston. They are committed to creating brutally-challenging independent games with a retro style.

First prototyped as Tether for the Indie Galactic Space Jam 2016, spaceBOUND is Gravity Whale Games' first release. It entered development in January 2017 and is the slated for a release in the late summer. The game focuses on zero-gravity, physics-based platformer gameplay and solving brutal puzzles as a team.

spaceBOUND is the result of a collaboration among a team of five designers and artists:

Jeremy Boggs
Jeremy is one of spaceBOUND's lead designers. He studied game design at the University of Central Florida before working for Lockheed Martin, Cherry Pie Games, and the UCF Institute for Simulation and Training. He co-founded Gravity Whale Games in 2017. He lives in Orlando, Florida.

Terrence Winston
Terrence is one of spaceBOUNDs lead designers. He studied engineering at the University of Central Florida. He's a self-taught programmer who went into game development full-time so people can have fun with and enjoy his work. He co-founded Gravity Whale Games in 2017. He lives in Orlando, Florida. His cat's name is Pikachu.

Charles Spears
Charles composed spaceBOUND's score. He is a lover of story-driven games and science fiction movies, and his music seeks to compliment a player'’'s experience. When not working on spaceBOUND, he writes music for short films and other indie games. He lives in Gainsville, Florida.

Christine Wright
Christine is spaceBOUND's lead sound designer. She began her classic studies at a young age and continued through her graduation from the University of Central Florida with a degree in game design with a music minor. Her goal is to apply her skills as a sound designer and composer to the principals of video game design. She lives in Orlando, Florida.

Anders Larsson
Anders is spaceBOUND's lead visual and graphic design artist. He has done freelance design work for nearly a decade, with breaks for studio work (Coffee Stain Studios and GameOn). His passion is working with indie developers, where creativity and love for gaming shine through. He lives in Eskilstuna, Sweden.